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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mensa Trivia Night
Manhattan, 7pm
•Leon Feingold, Sara London, and Maria Miller host a free Trivia Night on the third Wednesday of every month. Mensa members and smart guests are welcome, especially if they know entertainment and music trivia.
•Location: Upstairs at The Storehouse, 69 W 23rd St (between 5th Ave and 6th Ave), 212-243-8898. [on Facebook]
[3rd Wednesday every month] #8

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Third-Thursday Speaker Series
Manhattan, 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Using games to shape cognitive, perceptual, temperament, and social development:
This presentation will examine how analog board- and card-games influences cognitive, perceptual, and interpersonal development. Using the Brooklyn Strategist as a model of after-school enrichment activity, topics will cover the underlying neurodevelopmental influence game play has on decision making (e.g., risk-reward), cognitive skills (e.g., literacy, numeracy) and social functioning (e.g, predicting behavior and decisions of others). Additional areas to be discussed are the comparisons between analog and digital game play experiences, how specific games impact unique brain areas and the utility of social games (e.g., role-playing games) in student groups with diagnostic deficits in social skill functions (e.g., 2E students).

Dr. Jon Freeman is a Clinical Psychologist, Neuroscience Researcher, and President and CEO of The Brooklyn Strategist - a community-based, board- and card-game store and café. Prior to starting The Brooklyn Strategist, he developed and ran a state-of-the-art Neuroscience Research facility in a Manhattan-based Clinical Research Organization. In his capacity as Director of Neuroscience Research, Dr. Freeman oversaw the growth and development of the CNS research practice and is recognized in the field of Quantitative EEG (QEEG) research as a key opinion leader (Dr. Freeman was invited to present to the FDA regarding the development of a QEEG database).

As Director of Neuroscience Research, Dr. Freeman was responsible for overseeing scientific and ethical conduct of the early- through late-phase clinical trials. Jon also served on the clinical faculty of the Sleep Disorders Institute and oversaw supervision and teaching of Sleep Medicine Fellows during his 20 years working in the field of Sleep Disorders Medicine. During his years of private psychotherapy practice, Jon worked with children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples and, from it, gained an understanding of the importance of social space within a given community. As a CNS consultant, Dr. Freeman founded Brooklyn Strategic Consulting, LLC, and has advised several of the largest and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies regarding study development and data analyses.

For Jon, the Brooklyn Strategist represents the ultimate combination of a life-long passion for strategy games, promoting social responsibility and interaction within his community. It also means he finally gets to be his own boss. Jon brings to the Brooklyn Strategist a unique blend of life-long passion for board, card, and strategy games and a love of teaching. During his years in CNS industry clinical research, Jon was continually recognized for his warmth and avuncular style, leadership qualities, attention to detail, and ability to find novel solutions for complex problems. The Brooklyn Strategist amplifies these interests by engaging children in after-school enrichment activities that are fun but are also designed to promote neurodevelopmental growth by concentrating on focal brain areas, methods of approach to problem solving, and social interaction. The Brooklyn Strategist also provides adults a community where they can challenge each other - or play cooperatively - in a psychologically safe and healthy spirited manner.
•The GNYM Third-Thursday Speaker Series is always free. All are welcome.
•Note new location:
Joria Productions Mainstage Theater [on Facebook]
410 W 47th St, 2nd floor, New York NY 10036
(212) 563-6781. [Google map with multi-modal directions]
[3rd Thursday every month] #11

•Travel alert: Manhattan is more car-unfriendly than ever. Cross-town traffic is horrible. The location is near the Theater District, so local car and pedestrian traffic are high, and parking is scarce. On post-summer weekends, car traffic and demand for parking are higher than usual. Actual travel time from Queens Midtown Tunnel to the door can be 2 hours. From Long Island, the subway or LIRR + subway (or walk 10.5 blocks) reduces travel time by 1.5 to 2 hours.


Check here (the website) or CalendarPhone 1-855-411-4696 (1-855-411-GNYM) for up-to-the-minute information.

Greater New York Mensa is the Local Group for Downstate New York. That is, New York City (the boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island) and the adjoining New York State counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

Greater New York Mensa (GNYM) is one of the oldest and largest local Mensa groups in the world, and the original home of the American Mensa national office.

What is Mensa?

Mensa is an international society with only one requirement for membership: a score in the top 2 percent on a standardized IQ test. Mensa follows no political agenda and holds no opinions, but rather serves two purposes:

(1) as a social organization, it provides a means of assembly and communication for its members, and

(2) under the auspices of MERF (Mensa Education and Research Foundation), Mensa promotes research and understanding in the area of human intelligence.

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